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20 Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix in 2024

Some of the best new Netflix series have been added to our watch lists in the last several years, including fresh seasons of Wednesday, The Watcher, Virgin River, Bridgerton, and Stranger Things. Fortunately, 2023 has maintained that momentum by bringing some of the biggest series on the streaming platform. Netflix has already announced the return of several of its upcoming seasons, and we can pretty much bet on many more to air in the next two years.

Let’s Check Out the List of Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix in 2024:

1) Griselda


The streaming service for the Sofia Vergara film Griselda has revealed that the premiere date has been extended to 2024. It may take a little longer, but Griselda will arrive in 2024. In September 2023, Netflix released pictures from the limited series, along with news that the crime drama’s January 2024 release date had been rescheduled.

Griselda, which is based on a true story, features Emmy-nominee Vergara as Griselda Blanco. One of the wealthiest cartels in history was founded thanks to the efforts of the Colombian businesswoman.

Although Netflix had originally planned to premiere the limited series in the fall of 2023, the two strikes in Hollywood likely caused the streaming service to postpone the release until 2024. Vergara would be unable to discuss or promote the show in any way due to the actors’ strike, which makes the premiere of a highly anticipated series more prudent once the strikes are possibly resolved.

2) Emily in Paris season 4

Emily in Paris Season 4

We are delaying our yearly Christmas trip to Paris with Emily Cooper. It’s official: A new season of Emily in Paris won’t air in 2023. Since its premiere in 2023, this is the first time the comedy series nominated for an Emmy has skipped a release year. The first two seasons debuted just before Christmas, with the first one premiered in October.

Even though it will be strange to not binge-watch Emily in Paris season 4 over the holidays, we can still look forward to the upcoming season in 2024.

Emily will be coping with the several revelations made in the season 3 finale when we see her again in season 4. After Alfie abandoned her and a pregnant Camille abandoned Gabriel at the altar, Emily and Gabriel are left in the devastation with little more than their mutual affection. For now, the next chapter should be available by the summer or fall of 2024, at the latest.

3) The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3

It was certain that The Lincoln Lawyer would receive a second season renewal following its phenomenal premiere in May 2022. It was also obvious that The Lincoln Lawyer would be renewed with season 3 after its popular two-part premiere of the follow-up season in the summer of 2023.

Mickey takes on another challenging case in season two of The Lincoln Lawyer, one that is rather personal to him. Micky starts dating Lisa (Lana Parrilla), a cook who is embroiled in a conflict with a developer on her block. Their relationship stands on the brink of innocence and guilt when she is charged with his murder and Mickey defends her in court.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 is built up after the two seasons close on a massive suspense. The plot of the season, which is once more based on a Michael Connelly novel, centers on Mickey’s close involvement in a murder investigation that is possibly more complicated than we realize. Investigating Glory Days’ murder might be one of Mickey’s most intimate cases to date on the show. Sadly, fans will have to wait a little longer this time around, even though Netflix swiftly renewed The Lincoln Lawyer for a third season following the premiere of season 2.

4) Heartstopper Season 3

Heartstopper Season 3

In the spring of 2022, the young love drama Heartstopper had its premiere and swiftly established itself as a new pillar for the streaming service. The first season of the adorable teen series was confirmed by Netflix for two more seasons, and its first season premiered in August 2023.

Heartstopper’s second season, which focused more on the supporting cast and developed the narrative around Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), was a great extension of the show. During a tearful scene between Nick and Charlie in the closing minutes of the second season, four crucial words nearly slip out of his mouth: “I love you.”

The story of the series is based on a graphic novel ‘Alice Oseman,’ The second season of the series took some scenes from Volume 3 and some from Volume 4. There are still more stories to be shared in Volume 5 and Volume 6 of Oseman’s series. Season 3 probably won’t be available for viewing until well before the summer or fall of 2024.

5) The Night Agent Season 2

The Night Agent Season 2

The action-thriller series named ‘The Night Agent’ made an instant impact on the viewers and Netflix. The show was released on March 23. The series’ second season was renewed just six days after it debuted to over 168 million viewing hours in its first four days on Netflix. It’s a new high for a Netflix show!

The protagonist of the new show is Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), a low-level FBI agent who works in the Night Action room in the White House. The course of both of their lives abruptly shifts when he takes a call from Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan), and they are entangled in a political plot that has a significant impact on both their private lives and the security of the country.

Netflix announced that season two will be coming which will include 10 episodes. The estimated release dates are in early 2024, perhaps in the summer or fall of 2024 or early 2025.

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6) Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story

Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story

In 2022, Ryan Murphy’s Monster serial killer anthology series became an unexpected and fast hit for Netflix, and it was swiftly renewed for two seasons. This guarantees that the show, which during its first season focused on Jeffrey Dahmer and attracted equal parts outrage and attention from critics, would return for an average of two more seasons.

The focus of each season is a different murderer, and fans made predictions on which killer season 2 would focus on. It turns out that the title and subject of the second season will be pluralized, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story.

Netflix disclosed that the subject and title of the second season would have been unveiled in 2024 in addition to these other details.

7) Sweet Tooth Season 3

Sweet Tooth Season 3

Fans of the show anticipated they would have to wait much longer than the normal one-month tracking period for Netflix to disclose its fate after Sweet Tooth season 2 premiered on April 27, 2023. Sweet Tooth Season 3 was confirmed by Netflix on May 3, Which was just after the release of Season 2.

Since Season 3 has already been filmed, fans won’t have to wait as long. The third and last season will premiere in 2024, the streaming service has confirmed.

8) Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday Season 2

We all knew Wednesday was going to be a big sensation when it debuted in November 2022. As a type of reboot, it is mainly linked to the cherished Addams Family film universe. Possibly most significantly, the show features then-rising star Jenna Ortega, who rose to fame as a scream queen following her roles in Scream 5 and X. Wednesday was set up for success.

Wednesday made a big splash after its Thanksgiving weekend debut, going on to become the second most-watched Netflix series in the US, after Stranger Things season 4, and the third most-watched Netflix show overall, behind Squid Game and Stranger Things season 4. The second season of Wednesday was renewed by Netflix in January 2023, following months of uncertainty and rumors of its cancellation.

Unfortunately, Wednesday will not be released this year, so the fans have to wait a little longer. The filming of the first season happened around fall 2021 and spring 2022 and the season was released approximately eight months after it was filmed. We’ve projected a release for somewhere in the winter of 2024 or possibly early 2025 based on that timeline.

9) Vikings Valhalla Season 3

Vikings Valhalla Season 3

Vikings: Valhalla, a Netflix original series, is a follow-up to the highly acclaimed historical drama Vikings on the History Channel. It debuted in February 2022. Another beloved series by viewers, Valhalla is among the greatest Netflix productions at the moment. Fortunately, the streamer approved 24 episodes, split into three seasons, when Netflix purchased the series back in 2019.

Eight episodes made up the second season of Vikings: Valhalla, which debuted in January 2023. Eight more episodes remain in the original 24-episode sequence. Season two of Vikings: Valhalla was highly received by critics and viewers alike, which is strong evidence that the show should go on past its upcoming third season and possibly even branch out into new territory.

After season 2 debuted, Netflix formally declared that season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla was in the works and even set a release date. The third season’s filming is already finished, but in 2024, eight more episodes will be added to our watch lists. The third season will be produced from May to October of 2022.

10) Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things Season 5

The wait for the final and end season of Stranger Things is almost over. Netflix disclosed the information before the release of season 4 that there will be season 5 which will be the final season of the series. Stranger Things Season 5 is maybe the most eagerly awaited season of all the other seasons. Fans are curious about the story, its ending, who will survive, and more.

The revelations and fallout from Stranger Things season 4, which was even bigger and bolder than seasons prior, will seep into the last few episodes. The series is

known for having a long gap between each season. Season 3 was released after two years of season 2 and season 4 after 3 years. We are hoping that season 5 will be released in 2024 based on the rumors.

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11) You Season 5

You Season 5

With You season 5, Joe Goldberg’s terrible odyssey will conclude so many murders, stalking, travels, and bizarre detours. Not long after the two-part premiere of You season 4 in February and March 2023, Netflix announced a fifth and final season renewal for the beloved psychological thriller. Will Joe eventually receive his just desserts?

Joe moved to London in the fourth season, where he assumed the role of Professor Jonathan Moore. While some fans would have preferred to see more of Victoria Pedretti and Jenna Ortega, the season offered a whole new group of colorful people. Joe makes his way back to New York City after season 4, probably completing the circle of events.

Netflix hasn’t kept us in the dark about the release date of You season 5, even though we’ll have to wait patiently to find out exactly what comes next. Netflix also disclosed that You will return with its last batch of episodes in 2024 when it was renewed for a final season.

12) The Recruit Season 2

The Recruit Season 2

To Every Boy I’ve Ever Loved Before becoming a star and general Netflix favorite, Noah Centineo starred in The Recruit as Owen Hendricks, a clumsy and inexperienced CIA lawyer who is pushed into the deep end of things quickly when a case involving a former asset comes up. A second season was announced just one month after the first, so even though it’s been an incredible ride, it’s not quite ended yet.

Netflix announced that The Recruit season 2 would premiere in 2024 in conjunction with the renewal. The first season of the show was filmed from October 2021 to March 2022, and it came out nine months later. Filming for The Recruit season two is expected to start in 2024 and be released in late 2024 or early 2025.

13) 90s Show Season 2

'90s Show Season 2

Less than a month after its January debut, Netflix decided to stream That ’90s Show season 2. You can’t dispute nostalgia’s strength and appeal, even in the face of some initially unimpressive assessments from critics. That ’90s Show season 2 will have 16 episodes, which might be divided into two sections of eight episodes each, building on the 10 episodes from the previous season. (Netflix has not officially announced the ’90s Show season 2 release date.) The first certified comedy hit Netflix has had in years, despite a noticeable drop in viewership, is just what the streamer needs.

It has been revealed that the second season will take place in the summer when Leia (Callie Haverda) goes on another summer vacation with her new buddies and grandparents, Red and Kitty. The 15-year-old Leia was involved in some fascinating romantic relationships when we last left her in the first season finale, which undoubtedly had some aftereffects when she returned to her native Chicago. However, we’ll see what the summer of 1996 holds for her!

14) The Watcher Season 2

The Watcher Season 2

Netflix placed an important bet on a second season of Ryan Murphy’s mystery thriller The Watcher, maybe one of the more surprising renewals of any streaming service in 2022. Even though the show was initially intended to be a miniseries, Netflix couldn’t pass up the chance to deliver more suspenseful horror and mystery to its audience because of its massive viewership.

It’s unknown what Netflix and the Murphyverse have planned for The Watcher’s second season because the show was originally supposed to be a miniseries based on a true murder case. We still don’t know who will star in the series or what the plot of season 2 will be as of April 2023. Will the upcoming season of the show still center around the Brannocks, or will it become an anthology?

Watchers will be waiting for the next episode to see if a new family in town is up against another Watcher. Netflix will probably broadcast The Watcher season 2 by late 2024, even if the streaming service hasn’t given any indication when it will happen. On the other hand, the second season of The Watcher might debut in 2025.

15) The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun

Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, the co-creators of American Horror Story and Glee, are set to launch a dark comedy series called The Brothers Sun. Wu executive produced and penned a few of the screenplays, while Falchuk handled showrunner and executive producer duties as well. In addition, The Midnight Club director Viet Nguyen and Kevin Tancharoen, who directed The Book of Boba Fett, directed the series.

The dark comedy was shot between June 15, 2022, and September 23, 2022. Los Angeles, California, and Taipei, Taiwan, served as the production sites. Regretfully, we are still without an official release date. The dark comedy will only be “coming soon,” according to Netflix, which only disclosed its list of future action films and shows. It may not even be released in 2023—the release year is still up in the air. But since it’s currently being filmed and the episodes have been in post-production for a while, we think it will be out next year in January. We will undoubtedly notify you of the release date as soon as Netflix makes it public.

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16) Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once

Harlan Coben is the author of the eight-part limited series Fool Me Once. It is based on his same-titled book from 2016. The show is produced by Quay Street Productions, and Danny Brocklehurst is the primary writer. Other writers who contributed to the writing include Charlotte Coben, Yemi Oyefuwa, Nina Metivier, and Tom Farrelly. The episodes were directed by David Moore and Nimer Rashed, with executive production coming from Coben, Brocklehurst, Nicola Shindler, and Richard Fee. Through his continuous creative collaboration with Netflix, which began in 2018, this is Coben’s ninth on-screen adaptation.

When Netflix revealed that this show was in development back in February 2023, that is when we first knew about it. At the time, the streamer had shared a lot of information, including details about the creative team behind it, the episode count, casting announcements, and the show’s overall plot. On Monday, January 1, 2024, all eight episodes are anticipated to be released immediately. With each episode lasting roughly sixty minutes, there will be plenty for you to see and enjoy.

17) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix has just released a HUGE update for Avatar: The Last Airbender! Netflix unveiled a new teaser and set of images during Geeked Week 2023 in November, and they also officially revealed the Netflix premiere date for the series. Fortunately, it will soon arrive! In February 2024, the live-action Avatar series will be available on Netflix. The teaser looks amazing; it appears that Netflix went all out to produce this show, with stunning production design, makeup, and images. I’m eager to watch the actors perform.

18) 3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem

The much-anticipated Netflix adaptation of 3 Body Problem, starring True Blood’s Alexander Woo and Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, will premiere in a few months on March 21, 2024, for fans of Liu Cixin’s epic science fiction trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past.

The plot of the epic television series 3 Body Problem revolves around the discovery of extraterrestrial life and how Earth’s residents deal with its impending arrival. Civilization begins to split into two groups: those ready to repel the mystery newcomers and those who wish to embrace them. But that’s a highly simplified version of the real plot; this is a Hugo Award-winning series with a lot of diverse elements, personalities, philosophy, and political intrigue.

19) The Diplomat Season 2

The Diplomat Season 2

The Diplomat rose to prominence on Netflix in 2023, and viewers watched the series for almost 175 million hours in its early months, ranking it among the best shows of the year thus far by the Netflix Top 10. Since season 2’s release date is still a ways off, we compiled all of the information we currently know in one location. We’ll keep this story updated with the latest details as we discover more about the eagerly awaited season 2. Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023, saw the publication of the most recent update.

On May 1, Netflix officially confirmed that The Diplomat season 2 will premiere. Most Netflix shows get renewed after just a short while. Undoubtedly, political thrillers and spy series are highly popular on Netflix at the moment. Within two weeks of the show’s debut, the second season of The Diplomat was confirmed.

20) Virgin River Season 6

Virgin River Season 6

Few Netflix series are as beloved by viewers as Virgin River, and they will be seeing a lot more of it in the future, much to their elation. In addition to Virgin River season 5 (which will be released in two parts in the fall of 2023), Netflix has already revealed that Virgin River season 6 is in development. It’s time to inform fans about everything we know about Virgin River season 6, including information on the renewal, fewer episodes, season 5 release date, filming status, and more, now that Netflix has officially announced the season! The most recent addition was made on Monday, November 13. The release date of Virgin River Season 6 is not announced yet.

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