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Bitch And Rich Season 2 Release Date Is It Canceled?

Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date

The schools bullying drama Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date, are a genre the fans have thoroughly become accustomed to, may be very exhausting at this time. Having a countless number of shows which showcase the consequences and suffering of a school bully, there’s little makers can do about presenting another possible side of the story.

Nevertheless, the mini-series, Bitch and Rich, will only span 10 episodes which portray how a girl from a less fortunate family tries to overcome being the lowest of the low when she is admitted into an elite school and how she butts heads with the richest girls there. Since, it’s the season finale to the first season of Bitch X Rich, I find myself, along with many other fans, with one particular question that seems to be on everyone’s mind after the credits. Has this been renewed?

Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date

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Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date

At this time, we know very little about season 2 because a renewal by the makers –sadly, is yet to be announced. If the streaming networks go ahead and approve the show for another season, there is a chance that a new season will be coming up in the next year or sooner. The Season Finale of Bitch X Rich also helped us realize that she definitely knew the person who pushed her from the roof. The fact that Hye-in has seen another accident may imply that she might end up right in the middle of the commotion, at least for a while, yet again. The fans of the show have a lot of questions, from the characters experienced in the first season.
So, the outcomes may be possible if the show were to be renewed for the second season. Because there was little to talk about the So-mang character in Bitch X Rich first season previously, we might know more about his personality in the second season. Even the mystery of why Si-eun killed Je-na’s brother is purposefully left unsolved, symbolizing the destruction of their parents’ relationship. Spring season could give viewers the background information about Si-eun and Je-na and then tell the reason why it seems that Je-na did push Si-eun.
Additionally, it is most likely that the main character, Hae-in, will be back at the school given that she is still alive at the hospital. After having all her secrets revealed to everyone, her love interest, Do-eon, no longer likes her anymore. Possibly an official announcement will be made few months from now as the last rating chart should be given after that. To be honest, we can just watch how this chapter of my life is unfolding at this point. We’ll wait to put more stuff in here if the information becomes available to us.

Bitch and Rich Season 2 Plot 

The show tells the story of Kim Hye-in who is from the poor family and ends up being enrolled into the same high school – Cheongdam International High School – which Kim Gu-ra belongs to. After a witnessing an accident, Hye-jin ends up with a full scholarship to a school. She is soon terrible and becomes the target of the nastiest girl in town – Baek Jee-na. There is even the smallest chance against her, but Hye-in bravely accepts the challenge and does everything she can to save the scholarship which is needed in order to study in the school.

Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date

But her position changes entirely when the accident of a student being pushed off the school roof is reported where she is the only witness, in the middle of a huge drama involving the rich spoiled boys. Hye-in declares who pushed the victim off the roof inning her life as the most significant goal of her life throughout the episodes of the show.

Bitch and Rich Season 2 Cast

Besides retaining the viewers through an intriguing storyline, the cast of Bitch X Rich added a new sense of interest on the show. In the season cast of Bitch X Rich, Lee Eun Saem, Yeri, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Yoo Jung Hoo who play the lead roles of Kim Hye In, Baek Je Na, Seo Do Eon, and Lee So Mang respectively make up the main cast.
Furthermore, the other stars in the supporting roles are Jang Sung Yoon (Kim Hae In), Jang Deok Soo (Park Woo Jin), Kwon Se Eun (Lee Sun Joo), Kang Hak Soo (Kim Hyeong Koo), Cha Young Mi (Kang Na Yeon), and Kang Na Yeon’s housekeeper role played by Ko Ju Hee.
Bitch and Rich Season 2 Release Date

Where to Watch Bitch and Ritch Season 2

Bitch and Rich is a thriller Korean drama that is based on bullying and murder that is exclusively available on Netflix.
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