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Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date And Much More !

Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date

SBS drama Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date, crown by Ahn Bo-Hyun and Park Ji-Hyun as main characters, is found as the interest of the internet. The show needs to be in negotiations to move forward with another season. Right now, with the drama just about to end, everyone is flooded with the fever for it. The series is a story about a boy who is smart but he is not very mature and this boy is a chaebol (Ahn Bo-Hyun).

Given his wealthy background, he transforms into a detective by working with Kang-hyeon ( Park Ji-hyun ). She is a dedicated detective and only life what she does know is the job. Kang-Hyun broke the tradition in Homicide Department by being the 1st woman team leader. The fans are enjoying the pair’s bond off-screen, between Ahn Bo-Hyun and Park Ji-Hyun. They have been friends before in the TV show known as Yumi’s Cells. Viewers just started feeling the duo’s best when they were working on the show Flex X Cop and somehow now this mateship is flowing in their real life.

Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date

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Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date

Though X Cop was launched with an average rating of 5.7 nationwide, it then increased and exceeded expectations gradually up to 11 percent and more. Although the viewers did not get hooked in the first go, this last phase of the drama was slow, however, they gradually gained interest in the story with every new episode that brought a new insight to the show.

Now, however, Isplus calms the restless hearts of fans and gives a hint that the drama is up to its reincarnation in the second season as the screenwriter, Kim Ba Da, says (Isplus). He has really begun the process for writing the script for season 2 as well. He added, we are negotiating about season 2 with popular supporting actors, including Ahn Bo-Hyun and Park Ji-Hyun and are planning to adjust the schedule.Furthermore, Ahn Bo-Hyun, Park Ji-Hyun, Jang Hyun-Seong, Kwak Si-Yang, and Kang Sang-Jun are among the other stars of the drama.

Flex X Cop Season 2 Plot

The story is built on Jinn Isoo, who is a chaebol heir to the third generation and enjoys the life of privilege available to him. His vicious and remissive conduct becomes easily identifiable as a reflection of his environment – the environment that is prevalent in the coastal area where he grew up. Contrarily, he becomes a transformed person who intervenes in events that try to force him to take part in a case. Yi Soo is appointed to be at the violence and assault branch of the police force, which deals with robbers and other delinquents. One the detective Lee Kang Hyun, an experienced and devoted officer, Yi Soo starts a revolution path under mentorship.
Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date

Flex x Cop Season 2 Cast

In addition to the two main characters, played by Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, the characters of Kang Sang Jun, Kim Shin Bi, Jang Hyun Sung, Kwak Shi Yang, and many more also form part of the cast. Directed by Jae Hong Kim and written by Ba Da Kim, the show is created by them.

Flex X Cop Season 1 Rating

Flex X Cop is a famous Korean Manhwa that was very popular among the people and later on it got reincarnated as a show and got 10x more popular and it got 7.9 on IMDb.

Where to Watch Flex X Cop Season 2

The first season of ‘Flex x Cop’ will be aired on SBS for the people asking for it in South Korea. Those are from around and other places will be able to access it on the Disney+ limited regions. This section will be updated at a later time as we accumulate information regarding the countries that this K-dramas will be available.
Flex X Cop Season 2 Release Date



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