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Is Daughters of The Cult based on True Story? Know More Details About It!

Is Daughters of The Cult based on true story? This question got so much popularity since it’s release as viewers are eager to know that it is based on true events or not. Daughter of the cult is a documentary based on ex-devotees. Documenting claims made by ex-devotees. Daughters of The Cult is a 2024 documentary series directed and produced by Sara Mast. It explores the life of Ervil LeBaron, the leader of a religious fundamental group who ordered the murders of his opponents, told through the eyes of former members, and children of LeBaron.

Is Daughters of The Cult based on True Story?

Daughters of The Cult is a shocking five episode documentary series based on the History of a split group of Mormon Fundamentalist who perpetrate a deadly wave of violence, abuse and evil practices in the name of their sectarian prophet, Ervil LeBaron.

The Church of the first born of the Lamb of God, also known as the Church of the Lamb of God was a violent Latter Day Saint group founded by Ervil LeBaron that is responsible for dozens of deaths over two decades. After his death, it was run by several of his sons.

Daughters of the Cult is a true story Documentary series based on the interview of Daughters of Ervil LeBaron, who murdered peoples in the late 80s on the name of God. Is Daughters of The Cult based on True Story?

Daughters of The Cult Release Date

Daughters of the Cult is a documentary series Directed by Sara Mast, it was released on 4 January this year, it is a series classified as religious crime, blood, evil practises and a worth watching series.

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Daughters of The Cult Plot

Young sisters Anna and Celia LeBaron endure a chaotic childhood; their father Ervil LeBaron, a polygamist cult leader, calls himself the Prophet of God, Ervil’s deadly rise to power begins as he orders executions of rivals who stand in his way.

The sisters said they were lucky to be alive as their father controlled dozens of their family members and manipulated his followers to enact a deadly wave of violence against rival groups and others who opposed him. Many of my siblings are afraid to tell their stories, and I don’t blame them, Anna LeBaron said.

Ervil LeBaron and his brother Joel were descendants of that group and led the community in 1951 after their father died.The brothers formed the organization called Firstborn of the Fullness of Times. Ervil LeBaron had over 13 wives and at least 50 children, according to his family. Is Daughters of The Cult based on True Story?

Daughters of The Cult Cast

This Documentary is based on the interview of Anna LeBaron and Celia LeBaron interview with ABC News. They both were very afraid while participating in the this Docuseries. Other cast members included Hyrum LeBaron as Ervil’s son, Faye as Ervil’s stepdaughter, Adine Marc as Ervil’s daughter, Donna Goldberg and Stephany Spencer as Ervil’s nieces, indsay Hansen Park, a Mormon Historian, Scott Anderson, the Author of The 4 O’Clock Murders.

Daughters of The Cult Rating

This documentary is in the category of 13+ because there are descriptions of murder, violence, abuse. Marriage and relationships, including involving underage girls, are discussed frequently. Daughters of The Cult have a rating of 6.4 on IMDb and 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch Daughters of The Cult

Daughters of The Cult is released on 4 January this year on Hulu app. Anyone who want to watch this docuseries can go through Hulu app. It’s been a quite popular question among viewers that Daughters of the cult based on true story’? or not. To know the answer one must watch this series of 5 episodes.

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