Home Web Shows Is the Indrani Mukerjea Based on True Story or a click bait?

Is the Indrani Mukerjea Based on True Story or a click bait?

Is the Indrani Mukerjea Based on True Story or a click bait?

The majority of the Indians newly became acquainted with the name Sheena Bora. Sheena, a young girl aged of 25 went disappeared and after some time her mother Indrani Mukerjea was caught up for this crime. After the release the major question among the audience is ” Is the Indrani Mukerjea Based on True Story?” Now, 12 years following this mysterious case, Netflix has released the docuseries “The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Whether we call this documentary ‘Buried Truth’ or otherwise, it will, undoubtedly give the most detailed account of Sheena’s journey and what the real Indrani Mukerjea looked like.

This four-part series flash will be the perfect choice for the crime and thriller thrilling fans. Amidst such abundance of articles and video materials, it becomes a legitimate question on why this series takes a different direction. The most impressive aspect for me is the character of Indrani Mukerjea, they have added. She spent almost 6 years in Byculla women’s behavioral and psychological prison and tells her story.

Is Indrani Mukerjea based on true story

Is the Indrani Mukerjea Based on True Story

Although the Sheena Bora murder case is a well-known reality, but the majority of people have no idea of the kind of Indrani-Sheena relationship. The crime documentary kicks off with the arrest of Indrani Mukerjea, who is accused of her sister’s murder, for a motive yet to be bunakpean. But this matter deviates from the world when everyone finds out that Sheena is not Indrani’s sister but her daughter. Revealing the true nature of the woman blows entire country’s mind, and from one moment to another, we see her as a vamp, a bad mother, and a murderess of her son.

The Murder of Sheena Bora

The last sighting of Sheena Bora had been in the month of April, 2012. Thinking no one would miss her she disappeared for 3 days. Rahul Mukerjea, the one-time fiance of Sheena comes to the scene. He is the son of Sheena’s first husband which is also the son of Peter. The series never stopped and instead, Raul was depicted searching everywhere for his lights and seeking any assistance he could get. He “frantically” called Indrani and Peter with aim to determine Sheena’s whereabouts. But, all in vain. He was informed that she no longer required his assistance and was relocating to the US for schooling.He never stopped.

Is Indrani Mukerjea based on true story

In august of 2015, Indrani, Sheena’s mother was brought in by the police for interrogation regarding her daughter’s death. The accused numbered up; Sheena’s second husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai were also implicated. Thus, following the case transition to CBI, Peter again had the opportunity to be detained in the same year, in 2016.

The contributions of Indrani, Vidhie, and Mikhail in the series

The docu-series is broken down into a four-part format with interviews from noteworthy journalists, police officials and significant individuals including Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora, Vidhie Mukerjea (Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna’s daughter), and Indrani Mukerjea herself. However, Rahul Mukerjea and the other people facing trial as well, is not ready to accept the charge. Whether Rahul and the other accused were in the show called the spotlight?We don’t know.

As the documentary shoots two different views concerning the murders – Indrani’s and Vidhie’s – we see how their stories clashes or claim the truth about Sheena’s killing. Despite Indrani’s steadfastness in her story, Vidhie however changes the story from time to time terming it ‘f**cked up’. She says the fact that she and Sheena had a sister-like connection despite what happened at home should be heard by the world at the age of 26.

Is Indrani Mukerjea based on true story

 Another interesting piece of information is that Vidhie was still standing with both Indrani and Sheena, so there was no way we can really know the actual emotions of twenty-six-year-old. Besides the villain into the falsehood, is Mikhail Bora who does not bother to look for the real cause of his sister’s sudden death.

Conclusion of the Series

Across four episodes, the series unfolds the narrative: With the disappearances of Sheena in 2012 and Indrani’s arrest in 2015, the events to follow become a catastrophe. Over time the show creates a climax where it steals the viewers’ conscience and leads them to rethink morals.

Different from the standard documentaries which usually magnify the details of investigations, Indirani case gives a contrasting idea whereby the story revolves less around the murder and more around the dysfunctional struggles of an elite family in India. The show is a microcosm of these themes and it gives the opportunity to investigate the misconceptions around the idea that the family must be held sacred in our society.

Where to Watch Indrani Mukerjea Story

“Indrani Mukerjea story” this story follows a true story behind the murder of Sheena Bora. The true crime docuseries, ‘Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth’, is now streaming on Netflix.

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