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Lost Bullet 3 Release Date to be Out Soon!


If you have liked the 2022 released Lost Bullet 2, then you must be eager to watch part 3 of the blockbuster film. Lost Bullet, a French action film directed by Guillaume Pierret. The movie is accessible on Netflix and both parts of the film are successful. Many of you might be interested in learning about the Lost Bullet 3 release date.

A car technician named Lino serves as the main character of the film. For some reason, he has become the suspect for a crime that he hasn’t even done. Many followers of the action movie genre have been drawn in by this crazy adventure combined with action-packed scenes.

Lost Bullet 3 Release Date

If you have seen previous parts of the film, then you don’t need to know. But if you haven’t then it is the perfect time to watch. The main character of Lost Bullet got involved in a murder mystery. He only gets one chance to prove himself, if not, he will always be found guilty. The public enjoys watching movies that have surprising conclusions and leave them in awe.

Both of Lost Bullet’s parts have gotten a lot of love from the audience. People are still discussing the film and are hoping for a third part. There is exciting news that Alban Lenoir (Lino) will make a comeback. However, there is no official word on when Lost Bullet 3 will be released. Most likely, development is underway for the third part. The Lost Bullet 3 release date will not be before late 2024.

Lost Bullet 3 Trailer

Regretfully, there isn’t a trailer for Lost Bullet 3 available right now. When it comes to any teases or previews of the upcoming part, fans will have to wait patiently for updates from the trilogy film team.

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Lost Bullet 3 Release Date to be Out Soon!

Lost Bullet 3 Story Details

The life of Lino, an automobile technician, is the focus of the film. However, he had a troubled history before moving here and beginning his career as a mechanic. Even though his prior crimes were a burden, he continued to push himself hard in life. After his prior imprisonment, Lino underwent significant transformations while jailed. Just being an ex-convict made it extremely difficult for Lino to find employment again. However, Lino can secure employment as an auto mechanic thanks to his tactical knowledge. He usually builds ram cars for local law enforcement.

For Lino, everything was going smoothly and satisfactorily. Days went by, and Lino’s workload increased. He began to develop into an expert auto mechanic. Lino flourished under the direction of his righteous tutor. However, his mentor was killed by some shady police officers one day. Everything happened so quickly that Lino was unable to believe what had happened. Every finger was pointed at him because the circumstantial proof was so biased against him. Lino has little hope of escaping this situation unless he can show that he is innocent.

That moment signified a significant turning point in both Lost Bullet film and Lino’s lives. He just has a lost bullet as proof, as the title would imply. Lino has to locate it since it’s trapped in an automobile somewhere. That vehicle is real proof that he did not murder his mentor. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as Lino is pursued by the French Police. This French action film begins with some very dangerous action scenes. The bloody agony of the first half of Lost Bullet is followed immediately by the second run.

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Lost Bullet 3 Cast

There is a possibility that there might be some new characters in part 3 of the film. In the previous parts of Lost Bullet, the role of the brilliant mechanic Lino has been played by Alban Lenoir. Ramzy Bedia as Charas, Rod Paradot as Quentin, Nicholas Duvauchelle as Areski, Stephen Scardicchio as BAC Policemen, Sebastien Lelanne as Marco, Stefi Celma as Julia, Arthur Aspaturian as Kad, Alexandre Phillip as Jeff, Pascale Arbillot as Moss, Anne Serra as Femme Areski, Thibaut Evrard as Le Lieutenant Bruno, Lino Lenoir as Enfant Areski, and Patrick Medioni as Jacques are additional important cast members for the two sections of Lost Bullet.

Where to Watch the Film Lost Bullet 3?

Following the release of the trilogy, the French action thriller shot to the top of its platforms. If you are up to watching Lost Bullet, both parts are available on Netflix. About Lost Bulletin 3, there is no official announcements have been made regarding the platform. The fans will have to wait for the Lost Bullet 3 Release Date to be announced.

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