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The Asunta Case OTT Release Date When Is It Coming ?


The Asunta Case mini-series which revolves one of the most gruesome murder cases that has ever been seen in Spain will be on the streaming screens next month. And every crime series lover is waiting for The Asunta Case OTT Release Date.

The creators of the crime series had already given the audience a glimpse of the streaming OTT series’ launch date and channel. this gain of publicity plays major role in building the brand recognition and from that the curiosity of people is alive & well which leads fans to buzzed & excited for the similar event. This is the list of streaming times and locations for The Asunta Case online.

The Asunta Case OTT Release Date

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The Asunta Case OTT Release Date

April 26, 2024 will see the Netflix release of The Asunta case and members of the subscription platform will be able to enjoy the movie right from their homes or even on-the-go. The digital portal put out an official declaration about the web series on the previous date with a back-to-back poster launched on its official Instagram page on Monday. Netflix thrilled the fans by the Netflix teased them with the poster of The Asunta Case & they stated, “We have a poster!” THE ASUNTA CASE is to be telecasted on April 26 on Netflix.

The Asunta Case Plot

On a tragic day September 21, 2013, Rosario Porto (12) and Alfonso Basterra (12), Spanish couple of a missing child, opted to contact the police. Immediately, authorities launched an investigation to find the missing child but all they found was her body, lying as if she was lifeless, with her hands and legs bound with a tight rope in one of the streets of the city of Santiago de Compostela. The darkness now enveloped my mind as I was facing an even worse news when the police, during the investigation, discovered evidence that had suggested that Asunta, now, had been killed by her own parents Alfonso and Rosario.
Then it was found out that the pair not only did it but was behind the death of the only one of theirs who didn’t do anything bad and that was their child by poisoning her and chocking. The news of the dreadful happening indeed also made the whole Spain nation tremendously shaken and unhinged in the following days.

The Asunta Case Trailer

‘The Asunta Case’ Trailer: Watch the official trailer of Spanish web series ‘The Asunta Case’ where Candela Pena, Tristan Ulloa, Javier Gutierrez, and Maria Leon the main characters. ‘Asunta Case’ web series is directed by Jacobo Martínez, since Jacobo Martínez is responsible for directing the web series. To get a closer look at ‘The Asunta Case’ trailer, check out the video. Glance at the latest Spanish trailers, top web series trailers, fresh trends of Spanish web series trailers, Candela Pena movies, Tristan Ulloa movies, Javier Gutierrez movies, and Maria Leon videos at ETimes – Times of India Entertainment.

The Asunta Case Cast

Jacobo Martínez who is the director of this film along with Carlos Blanco, Javier Gutiérrez, Tristán Ulloa, Alicia Borrachero, María León, Francesc Orella, and Rosario Porto who are some of the key characters in this drama. The reality show got its monetary support from Bambú Producciones and it is six-episodic in its nature.

Where to Watch The Asunta Case

Gaze through the harrowing killing that sent Spain into frenzies in spring of 2013 in a limited series, with no boundaries of true-crimes in the summer on Netflix. It is where someone killed a child, she was 12 years old. Her name is Asunta Basterra. The Asunta Case is a Spanish true crime series that is centred around one of the most shocking cases in Spain in 2013: the murder of Asunta Basterra, an 12-year-old, dazzling biracial girl of Chinese and Spanish descent, who was short of her 13th birthday. The crime drama series is the production of Bambú Producciones and the OTT is in this summer.
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