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Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 Release Date When Is It Coming?

This drama, Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 Release Date, started from the family of the Fujiyoshi. Masaki virtually is like a housewife and mother in a real world. The idea that he is a spooner to Hiromu, a lower status worker, makes him strongly believe that he is no longer needful to his husband. The birth of their son Hikari was the catalyst for the family’s move into a nicer neighborhood, situated in an excellent place for child rearing.
Hikari is getting older. Lengths of her life was two years already. It was then that the family felt comfortable enough to establish reciprocity and affection with the new people around them. Just as they seemed to have settled in a perfect domestic life, the old family ties now coming back into their life became an unsettling truth for them. Nonetheless, it is not so clear that this Ritsuka is good at heart and Hiromu and Masaki have their doubts.
Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 Release Date
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Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 Release Date

The anime Studio DEEN had its first key visual implying that the series would premiere on television and streaming platforms starting from the year 2024. Besides, the document unveiled the staff of the manga that is going to be animated. Shinji Ishihara, who graduated from the Osaka University of Art, will helm the anime at the studio DEEN. He was able to gain the necessary experience since he had worked previously for Sasaki and Miyano, Super Lovers and Fairy Tail. In addition, Yoshie Mariko Nakamura, who has also screenplay composition experiences for Super Lovers and Sasaki and Miyano, is in charge of this series. 
Speaking of Mina Osawa, they will be drawing the characters for the anime and of course, for the movie. They previously worked in School Babysitters, Given, and I-Chu: The whole time, I’m getting goosebumps, telling myself to keep standing, dancing, having fun. The manga author Ichikawa Ichi, creator of the original series, was quick to congratulate the Fujiyoshi family on the new season, issuing an illustration to mark the occasion. After that, the mnga creator thanked the movie crew and people involved in the making of the series and the readers who followed the story.
Mangaka replied that they have made a good job of warming up the staff and cast members who will focus on the main work. Indeed, the aim of the production of Ichikawa was to let the fans to look at the Fujiyoshi family not only as their characters on the screen, but also as their friends and neighbors.

What to Expect From Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 

Masaki Fujiyoshi is a stay-home parent who has continuously felt that he was lazy and a burden to the man he loved as well as his everyone else who depended on him. This is so because Masaki is an omega, a gender-neutral voice could give birth whether such a voice were female or if they happen to be male. Already being settled in, their neighborhood was more per excellence to raising boys but with Hikoll’s 2 nd birthday approaches parents hope to establish lasting connections with their friends and neighbors and work.
In other words, this anime’s test apisode may have the family encounter the way the new neighborhood is and show Moussok or someone who is closest to their home as towards declining the natives. It oanan, the anime does not only lead to cold shivers down the fans’ spines but it also can be a girdsome journey to some of the stunning landscapes that you will get to see in the series, the Musa and The Mountaineers.

Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1 Cast 

Actors such as Atsushi Tamaru play Masaki Fujiyoshi (right in image below), Toshiyuki Morikawa portray Hiromu Fujiyoshi (left), and infants are listened to by Atsumi Tanezaki in the role of baby Hikari Fujiyoshi. Cast members are taking the same characters that they had earlier on the manga’s drama CD.
Sasaki and Miyano, Super Lovers and Fairy Tail Director, Shinji Ishihira, will also sit in the director’s chair at Studio DEEN. Sasaki and Miyano, the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Yoshiko Nakamura, is developed by Nakamura who is a script writer of the series. Mina Ōsawa (School Babysitters, Given, I★CHU: As for the latter, the designer has already chosen the way to draw characters.

Where to Watch Tadaima Okaeri Episode 1

The world first release of Tadaima, Okaeri schedule#1 will be on TOKYO MX. The anime will be repeated broadcasted on MBS, BS NTV, and Animax the other days after the first airing. It goes on to Japan where fans will stream on platforms including Prime Video, DMM TV, d Anime Store, Lemino, Hulu, and others.On the other hand, as far as international streaming is concerned, “Tadaima, Okaeri episode 1” will be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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