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The Brothers Sun Season 2 Release Date Revealed!


The Brothers Sun is an action comedy drama Television series created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. It premiered on January 4, 2024. While The Brothers Sun Season 2 Release Date is still not confirmed. This action comedy drama is based on a Taiwanese crime family thrown into disarray when a mysterious assassin targets the powerful triad’s head.

Michelle Yeoh leads the cast as Eileen Sun, alongside Justin Chien as the legendary killer Charles Chairleg Sun and Sam Song Li as the naive yet pivotal Bruce Sun. The series masterfully weaves themes of brotherhood and family against the backdrop of Taipei’s deadly underworld clashes.

The Brothers Sun Season 2 Release Date

The Bothers Sun Season 2 Release Date is still not confirmed by its makers as its first season was released on 4 January, 2024. This is an action packed series with full of comedy and drama which revolves around a criminal Taiwanese family who are related to the underworld.

Viewers want to know if they can expect another round of action from the Sun family. Fortunately, star Sam Long Li has some potentially good news on the Season 2 front. “I think everybody on The Brothers Sun team absolutely thinks that there’s more to tell. And luckily, it’s not a limited series so there is potential for future seasons,” Long Li, in an interview with Digital Spy.

Analyzing the top 10 data of Netflix, released every Tuesday, it is found that in the first week, the series is qualified to be in the top 10s in the first four days, ranking in the fifth position on the TV English side, watch hours of 30.2M and views of 4.1M. The Brothers Sun Season 2 Release Date Also Read: Saas Bahu aur Flamingo Season 2 Release date, Trailer, Cast

The Brothers Sun Season 1 Recap

The life of average Californian Bruce Sun is turned upside down when his older brother, Charles Sun visits Los Angeles, California from Taipei, Taiwan. Having no recollection of his past in Taipei, Bruce soon learns about his family’s profession as Taipei’s most famous gangster, with his brother being a hardened criminal raised by his crime boss father. After an attempted assassination on his father, Charles has to move to Los Angeles to keep his family safe. Bruce finds out that his mother moved with him to California in order to build a life away from her family. His mother’s effort has proved to be useless as Bruce has yet to adapt to the gangster life of his family.

Expectations from The Brothers Sun Season 2

By the end of the last episode of season 1, Charles will be receiving the instruction for killing his younger brother, but finally, he decides to support Bruce and his mother. With the resulting gunfight, Big Sun is then face up to Bruce, with the former giving him the chance to be disloyal to his family, joining the family gang. However, he then defends his brother, shooting Big Sun but not in a lethal manner.

The first season ending witnesses Big Sun in the hospital with injecting insulin slowly into him, leading to his death as he has been diagnosed as a diabetic in a wrong way, which leaves Eileen as an expected successor to the throne. She takes on the opportunity, announcing that she will be heading towards Taiwan to take the family business. The ending witnesses June and Charlie joining hands with Eileen.

The Brothers Sun Season 2 Ratings

The Brothers Sun received a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb. The story of Taiwanese Criminal family is a combo pack for those audience who love to watch action comedy and drama together.

The Brothers Sun Season 2 Where to Watch

The Brothers Sun 2 Release Date is not officially announced by its makers but you can watch and enjoy this action-comedy TV series on Netflix and Just Watch.

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