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Expedition X Season 7 Release Date, Cast and Trailer!


Expedition X Season 7 Release Date is still not announced by its makers but after watching the Season 6, it is expected that Season 7 will arrive soon for its audience. Expedition is an American Reality TV Series produced by Ping Pong Productions that follows Explorer and TV presenter Josh Gates as he investigates mysteries and legends. First season of this series was premiered on January 8 2015. The series focuses on paranormal subjects and is hosted by Gates with Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot.

Expedition X has been introduced as a supernatural, intense horror show that follows many themes to entertain the viewers. Expedition X shows Josh Gates sending over some professional personalities to search for the ongoing weird situations and what have been facing. Phil Torres, who comes in as the scientist, along with Jessica Chobot, who is known as the professional researcher, have their own beliefs regarding supernatural myths, and yet they are out to investigate it on their own terms.

Expedition X comes through with a lot of mysteries to cover ever since the first season, and the individual would be into it totally if the mysterious stories of supernatural beings and encountering of other creatures entertain them. On the other hand, this show is fill up with suspense and a good friendship bond is portrayed as well.

Expedition X Season 7 Release Date

Since now 6 seasons of this series, based upon supernatural and paranormal activities, which is being investigating by some TV show presenters, investigators and researchers. Till now, the exact date for Expedition Season 7 is yet to be announce.

Hence, the two professional characters certainly come across a lot of challenges and struggles when they confront the supernatural creatures through the time and other mysterious supernatural beings as well while it does takes the viewers to a totally different part of the story with suspense and as they keep coming across some major challenges through the time.

What Happened in the Last Season of Expedition X

There was other news that other sightings of UFOs were made, and the encounters scared all the locals who were living around that area. The team with a huge risk made a major jump on this investigation and covers the exciting new evidence and talks about the attempt to contact those mysterious beings. The team continue their examination of Uinta Basin(northerly section of the Colorado Plateau sections), focusing on the area’s UFO sightings.

The place is being fully covered with all the paranormal activities which means that their life will be at danger and also there might be some other things which they would have to follow. The ending showed that how they solved the mystery of UFO, but there was another secret that was unexplored as well, such as there is a base of supernatural beings on Earth, and for now, they don’t have any whereabouts, but things are settled, and there are seen leaving. Expedition X Season 7 Release Date Also Read: Njinga Season 2 Release Date: Revealed to be soon!

Expedition X Season 7 Trailer

Currently, there is no Trailer available for Expedition Season 7 as there is no official statement from its makers and production house. The First season was premiered on 8 January 2015. Fans have to wait more for the Expedition X Season 7 Release Date and Trailer.

Expedition X Season 7 Plot

As we all know that the show has not been announced yet for next season, so it’s hard to say anything about the upcoming season, but we can predict that Phil and Jess will return with more interesting and thrilling adventures and also it can be say that maybe they can come up with new characters in new season as well.

The seventh season of the show is expected to hold a bigger mystery and also some of the most terrifying supernatural beings and paranormal activities, but we have to wait more, till then we can not say anything surely.

Expedition X Season 7 Cast

This thrilling, mysterious, adventurous series has already released 6 season as Season 7 is expected to come soon. Many TV show presenter, investigators, researchers are on their way to explore supernatural things with their own beliefs and understanding with paranormal activities. In this series Josh Gates comes up as host of this show, Phil Torres as Field Biologist, Jessica Chobot as Paranormal Researcher, Bob Kennedy as Boat Captain, Jimmy Church as Radio Host and Researcher, Jeff Wamsley as Curator, Rachel Sanders as Eye witness, Sandro Gama Pedroso as the Jungle Guide.

Expedition X Season 7 Ratings so far

Expedition X Season 6 was expected to be bigger than any other season, but still, it went on to secure a rating of 6.4 on IMDb, which shows that this series is a worth watching and it will not waste your time.

The show, has no doubt supported by the viewers, and that is why it made it so far with a total of six seasons till now, but they would certainly return for yet another season and are expected to be bigger than the previous one.

Where to Watch Expedition X Season 7

All the Six seasons of Expedition X are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime and Discovery Plus, till now, 6 seasons has been premiered and it shows that this show is been in demand by the audience as peoples are always curios to know knew things about Supernatural things and Paranormal activities, they love to explore unsolved mysteries.

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