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Violent Night Season 2 Release Date canceled or renewed ?

The film Violent Night was really one of the best Christmas movies of the late years. It was a logical step to make the badass Santa out of David Harbour. Besides, the mix of Home Alone and Die Hard background was very creative.
Here’s what we had to say about the movie in our 4-star review: In this movie, the action can be described as hard for a Christmas film if by any chance the family part will be considered as too sentimental for an action movie but the director Tommy Wirkola makes sure that everything and everyone on the film will keep in the same direction and the bad moment when the film shifts from one scene to another will be just a strength than a weakness because the movie will remain to be a true Christmas cracker.
Violent Night Season 2 Release Date

Violent Night Season 2 Release Date

Discussion of a coming sequel have been since last November (before the theatrical release of the first film). Tommy Wirkola, the director of the movie, an interview in ‘The Wrap’ on January 2024 said he was working on a sequel’s pre-production.
In March 2024, producer Kelly McCormick spoke about the upcoming sequel of Violent Night (first released in 2020) and regarding the follow-up of another hilarious action film, Nobody (released in 2021). “We are launching into those worlds where from we once began.” Lastly, I hope there will be a Violent Night 2 the end of this year and I am apprehensive Nobody 2 might be able to start shooting the beginning of next year if we can make out schedules free. Furthermore, I told Collider at SXWS 2024. “It’s still way early, but the output’s better than we thought and everybody’s so happy to work on those worlds.”
McCormick also happened to let slip that David Harbour, who played Santa, couldn’t resist a second chance. “This script is moving forward at a brisk pace [into a couple of drafts] – and it going super well, so we are now down to some final work,” she said. If the production is successful in sustain the current standing schedule, the sequel will air at very latest the end of 2025.
As of this writing, that date we have chosen is merely an approximation based on all the current data we own.
In addition to Harbour who played the role of Scrooge, the director also selected John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, and Edi Patterson as Jason, Linda, and Alva respectively in the first film. I am 100% sure that Santa will play as Harbour in the sequel, the only thing that is still unkown is will the original members of the cast reproduce their roles as well.
Violent Night Season 2 Release Date

Violent Night Season 2 Plot

While Violent Night is a Christmas movie, it depicts a complete turn from the normal season narrative. There – released in 2022, it is an action/comedy film directed by Tommy Wirkola, and written by two people – Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The trailer for the first movie can be viewed here:The trailer for the first movie can be viewed here:
The Santa Clause movie is about the main storyline. Santa Claus from David Harbour is the main character. On the other hand, the character of Santa, rather than the dancing-on-the-roof-top Mr. Santa, is depicting as a person who is fighting off mercenaries who have taken hostage a wealthy family in their home.
Once in the film, Santa is at last shot. The thing that he does not understand is the family which they have. The familiar holiday of Christmas and even Santa himself might have been what revived him. This made Santa and his Reindeer to immediately hurried off to the places to complete the task before the festival.

Violent Night Season 2 Rating

So far there is no confirm information Violent Night Season 2 Release date. But the season 1 created quite the impression on the audience and the Season 1 got almost 6.6% on IMDb and 2 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Violent Night Season 2 Release Date

Violent Night Season 2 Cast

Its main feature is a group of characters, Father Noel, an amazing Clergyman, played by David Harbour, is the central character of this movie. In addition to John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, and André Eriksen who played other major roles in the movie as well.

Where to Watch Violent Night  Season 2?

Among the platforms, where you can find “Violent Night” are Apple TVYouTube download or rent it on Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Hungama Play and watch it online.


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