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Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Release Date Revealed!


Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Release Date is expected to be announce in the middle or the end of the 2024, till now there is no update about Season 2 Release Date. Dol mart is a 2023 South Korean Web Series written by Jang Jung-won, directed by Lee Yoo-yeon. The series depicts the story of the idol group Thunder Boys, consists of Choi Ho-rang, Shin Tae-ho, Eun Yeong-min, and Yoon Sang-wu, which disbands due to an unexpected accident and takes over a failing supermarket .

Boss-Dol Mart season 1 was premiered on 15 September, 2023, and still there is no information available regarding the Release Date of Boss-Dol Mart Season 2. Boss-dol Mart Season 2 has taken the realm of K-dramas and K-pop by storm, boasting a stellar cast that includes renowned K-pop idols like Exo’s Xiumin and Monsta X’s Hyungwon. This comedic Korean drama has swiftly risen to fan-favourite status among enthusiasts of both genres.

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Release Date

Currently, it’s makers did not announce any official statement regarding the Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 as its first season was premiered on 15 September 2023. The precise release dates for Boss-dol Mart Season 2 is yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated that it will arrive between middle and end of 2024. The show has already collect positive reviews, captivating audiences both in Korea and and outside Korea. Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Release Date Also Read: I Shall Survive Using Potions Season 2 Release 

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Plot

Continuing the narrative of the boy band Thunder Boys, Boss-dol Mart Season 2 will start their journey from formation to disbandment, exploring the challenges faced by its members in both personal and professional level. The first season concluded with a revelation that their manager was the motivation behind for the group’s dissolution, leaving viewers eager for possibility of a band reunion in the upcoming season.

Boss-dol Mart Season 2 stands out as a must-watch comedy Korean drama, gaining immense popularity among K-drama and K-pop lovers. Sudden news that the group has been given the ownership of a supermarket again brought the group together. Five years later, everything has changed – their lives, their occupation, their individual situations, but most importantly, they themselves. As these singers turned businessmen are responsible for handling a supermarket, a new set of challenges comes before them. They need help handling this new job they are trying to do.

What Happened at the End of Boss-dol Mart Season 1?

As the show progresses, it is revealed that their manager was the reason behind the group’s disbanding. This situation is so much related to what happens in real life. However, for season 2, the whole ecosystem is uncertain, we all must wait until they announces some good news for the fans and reveal the date of Boss-Dol Mart Season 2. As they balance their own complicated personal and business lives, we can see more as far as they, as businessmen, are concerned.

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Trailer

The Boss-dol Mart Season 1 trailer was out many months back on YouTube. However, since the show is ongoing and news of its renewal has not been heard of, there has not been any trailer or any other update about the renewal of the second season.

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Cast

The series also showcases well-established and beloved actors such as Lee Shin Young as Choi Ho-rang, leader of the disbanded idol group, Choi Won Myeong as Eun Yeong-min, vocalist of the group and in charge of the meat section at Boram Mart, Lee Sae as Yoon Sang-wu, the youngest and most popular member of the group, and Hyungwon as Jo Yi-jun, rapper of the group who is in charge of the seafood section at Boram Mart.

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Ratings

Till now, no further information is available about season 2 but after looking at the ratings of season 1, makers will soon decide to make season 2 as it has ratings of 7.6 on MyDramsList and magical rating of 9 on Viki, which makes this series interesting for those who did not watched yet.

Boss-Dol Mart Season 2 Where to Watch?

The first season of this Korean Comedy Drama is available to watch on TVING and Viki. Watch and Laugh with them and see that how they face all their challenges in establishing a business and be with us for any new updates regarding Boss-Dol Mart Season Release Date.

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