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Captivating the King Season 2 Release Date renewed or canceled?

Captivating the King Season 2 Release Date renewed or canceled?

Kdramas are unique in that they are aired in a fixed season, often being 14 to 18 episodes long. In terms of making the King captivated, the first season of the series with 16 episodes already covered does it well, and after the first season viewers are eagerly waiting for Captivating the King Season 2 Release Date and from the perspective of the whole story, it appears like the last episode has completed its task as well. Another important thing to be underlined is that some K-dramas are the adaptation of some of the source material.

 In other words, you could be reading a novel or webtoons, or any other form of pre-existing content that is quickly adapted in only one season. Notwithstanding, because Captivating the King doesn’t rely on any actual historical materials, and it is a series about the medieval era, it is wide open story-wise, and many seasons could be created to cover the event.

captivating the king season 2 release date

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Captivating the King Season 2 Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation of Captivating the King Season 2. The show airs on tvN in its native Korea, and is distributed by Netflix internationally.

There is a possibility that the powers that be are waiting to see how the final numbers stack up before they greenlight a second set of episodes. The show’s performance has been impressive and consistent thus far, but it’s worth remembering that renewals are much less common in Korean television than they are in the West, and Season 2 remains unlikely.

Captivating the King Season 2 Plot

Captivating the King was the final episode in a series of episodes that had Lee In and Kang Hee-soo back together as the main character so there were not that many important events that were shown on-screen.For example, some fans might give feedback such as they wished to have seen the couple report their marriage which wasn’t shown in the last episode.Season 2 may pave the way to an actual wedding, if the after-effects and the consequences could be shown in at least one episode. 

captivating the king season 2 release date

Eventually though, no matter how large or important weddings might be, Captivating the King is a movie about two people who are madly in love with one another, and it would just be natural to viewers that the movie should end with them tying the knot.
We might see father of Kang Hee-soo in more detail during Season 2 as well. The reason that prompted Kang Hee-soo’s trip to Beijing was simply to meet her father. Having seen that she was a key factor in peace between the two dynasties , I think it would like her to bring back with her, so that the two of them would finally be able to have that proper relationship.

A point also worth mentioning is Hee-soo’s father’s involvement in Lee In’s life in Season 2 as the latter’s would be the husband of the former’s daughter.
As a matter of fact, a second season of Shteption Rexi could consider several storylines and watchers would not be able to miss the amazing heights the characters will grow to in another season.

Captivating the King Season 1 Rating

The first episode clocks in with a rating of 0.976, and sadly the number drops quite badly for the second episode, hitting 0.641. The show slightly recovered to 0.704 by the third installment, and thankfully, as word gets out about the show, Episode 4 sees a huge boost, breaking the million and recording 1.284.

By Episode 9, the show sees its highest figure, 1.623, and then fluctuates again, with a strange drop for Episode 11, only managing 0.982, before recovering again by Episode 14 at 1.497.

captivating the king season 2 release date

Captivating the King Season 2 Cast

In terms of the cast, Jo Jung-suk (Hospital Playlist and Don’t Dare to Dream) plays the part of Prince Jinhan, also known as Yi In, whom we see later on became the sovereign of Joseon and a clever Bplayer. Different from Choi Soo-yeon (The Joseon Crime), who sees the blossom of love in Sung Yun-gwang by taking on the identity of man, Shin Se-kyung (Flying Dragons and Run On) is Kang Hee-soo who uses the alias Kang Mong-woo, a woman who pretends being a man to search revenge.

In addition to the main characters, also the rest of the cast includes Lee Shin-young as Kim Myung-ha, Choi Dae-hoon as Yi Seon, Lee Gyu-hoe as Park Jong-hwan, Yang Kyung-won as Yoo Hyun-bo, Jo Sung-ha as Kim Jong-bae and Son Hyun-joo as Kang Hang sun. 

Where to Watch Captivating the King

Captivating the King Season 2 is not out yet although it has not been confirmed either but you can watch the first season of Captivating the King on Netflix.

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