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Departure Season 4 Release Date: Is it Coming Back?

Departure Season 4 Release Date: Is it Coming Back?

Departure is a suspense drama TV series which is created by Vince Shiao in 2019. Departure centres on the shocking disappearance of the Flight 716, a British Global Air Flight. Since now 3 season has been released by its makers and Departure Season 4 Release Date is yet to be announced by them. Departure managed to reach almost 1 million viewers per episode, which shows that it is a series worth watching.

Departure Season 4 Release Date

Although there is no official statement about the Departure Season 4 Release Date. Peacock TV has yet to reveal the decision about the renewal or cancellation of this suspense-drama series. However, it seems that Departure Season 4 is due to happen as it got positive rating and reviews from the viewers.

Following the success of third season, expectations are high for the next season and fans are anxiously waiting for the official words regarding Departure Season 4 release date from its makers. Departure makers have not yet stated that the program will return for fourth season or not. Departure Season 4 Release Date

Departure Season 4 Trailer

Sadly there is no trailer available for Departure Season 4 on You Tube. The makers must first confirm that the show has been renewed for fourth season and announce the Departure Season 4 release Date.

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Departure Season 4 Plot

Departure is a American TV series classified as suspense, drama, mystery and thrill. Departure tells us the story of Flight 716 who disappeared shockingly over the Atlantic and now it is on the investigation team to find the missing aircraft the rescue the possible survivors.

This series follows the investigation by the fictional Transport Safety and Investigations Bureau into the disappearance of a British passenger plane over the Atlantic Ocean and the reasons behind it. The three seasons have done a great job of showcasing the storyline and suspense, and the more of the same is expected. Unless we are getting an official update about Departure Season 4 release date, we cannot confirm any rumour.

Departure Season 4 plot can only be on speculations because the studio and production house has not confirmed anything about season 4. There are three seasons of this series right now. It was a fine day until a news rattled everyone around the country. An aircraft was going to it’s destination but it disappeared in mid-air. It was Flight 716 and it just went invisible while the plane was still far way from its destination. Initially, the investigators thought that the aircraft has broken down in mid-air. A lot of them thought that the pilot might have lost control and might have flown the plane into the Atlantic Ocean. But hours went by and nobody could crack the case properly. Departure Season 4 Release Date

What Happened at the end of the Departure Season 3?

Departure season 3 maintains the consistency of previous seasons while featuring a narrative-arresting, high-octane mystery drama that will leave you with moist eyes. Kendra and her team go rogue and discover the true cause of the ferry’s sinking.

The third season concerns the rapid sinking of a ferry travelling from Boston to Newfoundland, Canada. The ferry begins to take on water at an alarming speed, and the passengers find themselves in a race against time to make it to the lifeboats before the ship goes down.

Departure Season 4 Cast

Departure Series is a multi cast series with more than 100 actors who play important roles in making the series a success. Some of the lead characters included are Archie Panjabi as Kendra, Christopher Plummer Howard, Kris Holden-Reid as Dom, Rebecca Liddiard as Madelyn, Tamara Duarte as Nadia, Mark Rendall as Theo, Peter Mensah as Levi, Clair Forlani as Janet.

Departure Season 4 Release Date

Departure Season 4: Rating So Far

Departure has become quite well-known series all around the world. Currently, it has a rating of 6.9 on IMDb, 4/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.3 on Rating Graph which makes this series worth watching.

Where to Watch Departure Season 4?

While Departure season is yet to be confirmed by the makers you can watch and enjoy this suspense-drama, thrilling series on Amazon Prime Video and PeacockTV.

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