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Wura Season 3 Release Date, Cast and Trailer!

As of now, there is no confirmation about Wura Season 3 Release Date. Wura is a Nigerian web series directed by Dimeji Ajibola. Wura tells the story of Wura Amoo-Adeleke, the ruthless CEO of the fictional Frontline Gold Mine, and the perfect wife, a mother of two, who will do anything to maintain her ground in the gold mining industry. In her family, Wura is faultless and a saint, but when it comes to running her business, she becomes a ruthless lady.

The creators are currently focused on the second season and gathering feedback from audiences before making any announcements. As of now, there is no confirmed release date for Wura Season 3. The creators are currently focused on the second season and gathering feedback from audiences before making any announcements.

Wura Season 3 Release Date

This Nigerian Drama was first premiered on 23 January, 2023, and it carries 100 episodes and last episode was aired on July 13. Wura first season travels a long journey of 6 months with 100 episodes. Any official declaration has yet to be come regarding Wura Season 3 release date but we can expect it to appear for its audience soon.

Wura season 3 release date is still a mystery but fans are expecting that the drama shown in the first two season will continue in next season. Well, Wura happens to be the longest original series from Nigeria and it does a really good job. Makers have made sure to make this Nigerian soap opera one of the most exciting shows out there. Wura Season 3 Release Date Also Read: Departure Season 4 Release Date: Is it Coming Back?

Wura Season 3 Plot

In the Iperindo community of Osun State, where Wura’s mining business is located in Iperindo town, live poverty-stricken residents, many of whom work at the mine, including the Kuti family. The Kuti family, consisting of Pa Kuti, Iyabo Kuti, and their children, Olumide, Ebunoluwa, and Tumininu the adopted child, been found close to a river as a baby by her late adoptive father, Pa Kuti. Through its episodes, Wura illuminates the untold narratives and actualities within this industry.

You will find probably hundreds of series that are built on all sorts of entertainment. But this series can be a eye opener, built on hard core reality. Wura is a new kind of web show from Nigeria that tells us the untold stories behind a gold mining industrialist. It revolves around a woman who happens to be a normal personality leading a decent life.

Wura Season 3 Cast

Currently, Wura Season 3 Release Date is yet to be announced by its makers. First and Second Season casting as follws- Scarlet Gomez as Wura Amoo-Adeleke, Yomi Fash Lanso as Anthony Adeleke, Ray Adeka as Jejeloye Amoo, Iremide Adeoye as Lolu Adeleke, Toluwani George as Eve Adeleke, Oluwaseyi Akinsola as Femi, Ropo Ewenla as Olusegun “Pa” Kuti, Martha Ehinome as Tumininu “Tumi” Kuti, Aweodein Adeola as Aunty Labake and Modesinuola Ogindiwin as Kanyinsola Adeleke and many more as supporing actors.

Wura Season 3: What is Wura all About?

The Frontline Gold Mine is situated across a large landmass that’s located in Osun. Wura Amoo Adeleke’s beloved gold mine stands in the middle of a deserted town. The Iperindo Town is the home to the people of the Iperindo Community, who are usually poor. Their families work hard to earn some money and gain a stable livelihood. But it’s not easy to maintain business with such a poor population. In the series, you will see detectives trying to solve the case.

Apart from being the one in the chair, Wura is a good wife. She has two children and takes good care of her household even after being a CEO. Her children know Wura as their adorable loving mother, but in her professional life, she is entirely a different woman. When it comes to the well-being of Frontline Gold Mine, Wura becomes the women form whom everyone if afraid of. It is not easy at all to maintain such a business and that is why Wura Amoo Adeleke has to be cruel. She must stop being empathetic and deal with anyone who stands between her and success. Wura Season 3 Release Date

Wura Season 3 Rating

Despite being a long Web show which consists of 100 episodes in first season and 32 episodes in the second season, Wura, got huge success in terms of rating which shows that this series will not waste its audiences time. On IMDb it has a brilliant rating of 8.6 and also ‘Wura’ has 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wura Season 3 Where to Watch?

As of now there is not any official announcement or statement regarding Wura Season 3 Release Date, but you can watch first and second season on Showmax and Just Watch and know the hard-core reality behind Gold Mining Industries.

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